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About Brush & Colour Painting

Brush & Colour Painting provides customised painting services tailored to create

an inspiring space for Warrnambool families.

We work closely with our clients throughout each project to understand the vision

for every space, with an aim to achieve that desirable, high-end finish.

Paint Brush


  • As a second-generation painter and 10 years in the business, Shaun and the team bring a wealth of practical experience.

  • Our typical clients – professional couples with children – demand the absolute best in both quality and reliability.


  • Experience and attention to detail make us the ideal choice for repaint work: we are repaint specialists.  


  • Our traditional brush and roller technique means that we may not be the cheapest painters around (nor the most expensive). but we are one of the best!

Paint Brush


  • We absolutely love what we do and we love seeing clients' positive reactions when they see the final result.


  • We get just as much pleasure from establishing great relationships with our clients and enjoy the consultation process as much as the practical work.


  • We are dedicated to giving value, and going the extra mile.

Paint Brush


  • We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an efficient, professional and environmentally friendly result.


  • We're not just painters but decorators. We'll be delighted to provide expert colour advice as part of the job.​

  • We use water-based paint which is non-yellowing, better for the environment and doesn't impose your space with toxic fumes.

Living room

Let us help you create an inspiring space.
Tell us about your project today.

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